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Redesign and rethinking concept

What is Wikipedia today?

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. It hasn’t been changed or redefined during the last 10 years. The web and its technologies has developed further and so have its users.


The research phase was a very revealing step. First, we created User Cases to figure out what users are looking for in Wikipedia, how they use it, and which problems they have while using it.

The Concept

After the research phase was done we spent a lot of time creating wireframes and prototypes to figure out the best information architecture of the website and the simplest way to search and navigate between articles. Our intention was to create a more user-friendly Wikipedia with more legible typography to improve the user experience.

The Design

After the previous steps were completed, we started to create the look and feel of the new Wikipedia and here is the result.

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George Kvasnikov
George Kvasnikov

Senior interface and graphic designer from Russia, currently living in Berlin. Working as freelance UX and graphic designer. George gets his inspiration from nature and objects around him with a passion for colors, typography and pixel-perfectionism.

Julian Krenz
Julian Krenz

Award-winning interface designer and perfectionist with a lot of passion for conceptual work based in Berlin. His interests and working skills are focusing on mobile interface design and user experience.
I would like to thank Julian for helping a lot with research and concept work.